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Custom Blueprints
   At Sierra Homes, we understand that not every family has the same needs, or lifestyle. So why do many builders only offer a handful of floor plans, for you to choose from?  The answer is simple really. By offering a limited selection of home styles a builder can streamline the construction process, thus maximizing profits. This is great for the builder, unfortunately it’s not always great for the home buyer. Why should you have to live in a home that was designed to fit the needs of “most” families?

   Sierra Homes has solved this problem. We offer our clients the ability to create a one of a kind home, designed inch by inch, to fit the lifestyle your family leads. And we can do this for families on every budget level. Since 1999, we have helped over 30 families design and build their dream homes, on budgets ranging from$160,000 to over $700,000. 

How can we do this?  Using state of the art C.A.D. (computer-aided design) software, and having a draftsman with over 15 years of residential drafting experience, we have created a design process which ensures you and your family enjoy the home of your dreams.

             Sierra Homes Construction & Design Process

 ·Orientation meeting with clients to define their needs and desires
  Creates a specification list of the homes structure based upon client desires for the interior and exterior of the home.
 ·  Stage 1 - Preliminary home design
    Sketch plan of initial home plan layout, confirmation of room placement and sizes.
·  Stage 2 - Intermediate home design  
    Creates a working blueprint of the home, final room sizes are confirmed. Begin trim detail stage,  interior and exterior trim details
    are confirmed with client.

· Stage 3 - Final blueprint design.
    Final working blueprint is created, includes all final construction details from structure, mechanical, interior and exterior trim.

· Stage 4 - Final Budget
    Final budgets and allowances are figured based upon the selections the client desires. This is not done on basic grade components,
    thus eliminating the majority of cost overruns typically charged to clients.
· Stage 5 – Construction
    Construction on your new home begins, according to the final blueprint containing all of the information selected by the clients.
    Creating a one of kind home, designed specifically for the client and their family’s lifestyle. 
 The customer service does not stop there. Our clients are involved in every step of the construction process from start to finish, ensuring the homes is truly the dream home our client’s desired.
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